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Protect and beautify your property with a fresh parge coat. Various textures and styles are available.



If your parging is crumbling or falling apart, we can help. From simple patches to complete restorations.

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  • We offer free parging estimates in Calgary. You can also email or text us the pictures / drawings.
  • No hidden fees or costs. We always stick to our quote and estimates.
  • 5-Year warranty, WCB and general liability information is provided for each job.
  • We provide quality work for each job. We realize this is our reputation on the line.
  • Only the best materials from reputable suppliers are used.
  • We are always respectful of your property. We clean and remove the mess from your premises.
  • A good parge coating will help beautify, protect your property and increase its value.

Your Professional Parging Experts in Calgary

Looking for a solid and affordable parging contractor in Calgary, Alberta? Is your parging falling off and breaking apart? Or simply need a professional opinion? We have been helping homeowners, landlords, property managers and builders throughout Calgary and surrounding areas in central Alberta since 2009. Using only the highest grade materials from reputable suppliers, we take each job seriously, whether it’s big or small. Providing all types of parging and related services, we offer both interior and exterior coating services for parging Calgary.

We offer on-site, no obligation free estimates for all projects in Calgary. Simply give us a call or email us to set up an appointment. 


5-Year Warranty

We provide a written 5-year warranty on material and labour.

Free estimate

Free Estimates

Free on-site and no obligation estimates for all projects in Calgary.


Affordable Prices

Parging is a budget friendly coating system that provides excellent value.

best materials

Highest Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers.

parge coating

Various Parging Styles

There are various parging textures and styles available.


Clean-up After Work

We clean the premises after the work and leave it the way we found it.

Premier Service and Quality Parging Work Every Time

Parging is an affordable, efficient and protective coating that’s made of polymeric mortar. It can be applied on exterior and interior walls with ease. Not only a good parge coat protects your concrete foundation walls, but also provides insulation and aesthetics to your property. There are various styles and textures available to choose from.

Contrary to common belief, concrete is not a timeless product. Especially with Calgary’s weather, basement walls tend to get crumble and fall apart over time. In addition to weather, concrete walls get affected by dirt, moisture, ice and wind. At first, you might notice couple of cracks here and there and may think they are not important. However, in time hairline cracks turn into deep cracks and can cause leaks and structural damage that might cause a huge financial liability. Damages on parging and concrete walls should be taken seriously.

Parging can be applied on various wall types. Parge coating can be applied on wood, stucco, foam (ICF foundation) walls and chimneys. New installations and repairs are more affordable compared to other coating systems while providing the same quality and value. Servicing in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas, Solida Parging offers all kind of parging services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Parging repairs vary in size and shape. It can be as simple as a small patch or the repair might require an entire parging removal and fresh parging installation. Parging application is very different from what it was a decade ago, though it seems very similar on the outside. New materials help us provide better flexibility, longer duration and various color options when applying a parge coat. Furthermore, alternatives to parging are available thanks to acrylic supplies. To learn more, please contact us at (403) xxxx or fill out the contact form to get your free estimate in Calgary today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve put together some answers to most common questions we get about parging Calgary and parging repair services. Feel free to give us a call or email us to ask any questions in regards to your parging.

We back our work with a 5 year warranty on labour and materials.

Absolutely not. All our estimates within the city of Calgary and surrounding areas are no-obligation and completely free.

Parging is a type of coating and a finishing process that uses a polymeric mortar embedded in fiberglass mesh to protect and beautify vulnerable areas of a building’s exterior, such as above grade portion of foundation walls and concrete basement walls.

Some benefits include;

  • Protection of foundation walls against various elements such as snow, ice, water, dirt and wind.
  • Increase in appeal of imperfect concrete walls with smooth and textured styles to choose from.
  • Parging is an affordable and budget friendly way to cover cracks, holes and voids.
  • Can be applied on wood, concrete or acrylic walls, both interior and exterior.
  • It is a strong coating system that stays in place without problems for many years. 

The cost varies for each job. Each project is different therefore we strongly advice to call us for a free estimate so we can take a look at it and give you a proper quote on-site.

It depends on the texture and the job. Depending on the area that needs to be filled, it might take from 2 days to a week for it to completely cure. For instance, acrylic parging requires a different approach than traditional parging and will need additional time to cure for 2 (two) different layers instead of 1 (one).

Acrylic parging uses the same base coat as the traditional parging. However, difference lies in the texture application. With traditional parging, texture will be applied by using a trowel, commonly known as trowel skip or california style, however acrylic parging uses a smooth acrylic finishing and need to be floated.

This is different than smooth parging that uses sponge float in order to smoothen the base parge coat.

Using the same coating process as EIFS (exterior insulation and foam systems) interior layers, we apply an adhesive, water barrier and fiberglass mesh embedded in base coat prior to parge coating on ICF foundations. Makes the parging strong and solid for decades to come.

If the leak’s cause if below grade, it’s a good idea to call foundation tradespeople before calling us. However, if the leak is due to cracks on foundation above grade, we’ll waterproof it before fixing the parging.

If you don’t like the traditional trowel skip or smooth parging, you can choose to go with acrylic parging. It has over 100 colors to choose from. Additionally, stone veneer siding and masonry might be a viable option for your foundation walls.

Parging can be applied on any concrete, wood, acrylic, block, brick, vertical stone surfaces. It can be applied on both exterior and interior walls.

You shouldn’t paint the parging. Chemicals in many paints will slowly eat into the parge coat and cause it to chip away over time. It will not survive the summer and winter cycles for long. 

Our Suppliers

We work with various suppliers and manufacturers. Every parging project is unique and requires different materials.


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