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At Solida Parging, each job we perform is treated as top priority, whether it’s big or small. Providing on-site, no obligation free estimates in Calgary AB, we will put together a detailed quote while taking your input into careful consideration. We work with you to schedule a mutually beneficial schedule for our work while working within your budget. 

We provide various parging repair and parging services in Calgary and surrounding areas in central Alberta. From simple crack and hole patches to complete removal and re-installs, we’ve been offering parging services since 2009 for both residential and commercial properties. 

New Parging on a Concrete Wall in Calgary

New Parging Applications

For many homes and properties, residential or commercial parging provides the final touch that makes it look complete. It’s a protective barrier and an insulated layer that protects foundation walls against various hazards. As a side note; parging basement walls means the same thing as parging foundation walls.

We’ve realized over the years that a lot of our clients don’t know what parging is. Parging is a coating process that uses a polymeric mortar-based cement and adhesive to protect and beautify the vulnerable parts of a building’s exterior. Usually used on concrete walls or ICF foundations where the walls meet with the ground, parging offers many advantages and comes in various styles. Moreover, it can be used on both interior and exterior walls.

Moreover, parging is an efficient and affordable way to fix existing cracks, leaks, deformations and fill holes. Especially in a city such as Calgary, weather cycles pressure concrete walls over time due to constant change between warm and freezing weather. Causing in deep cracks and crumbling walls, if left unattended, these issues could cause even structural damage. Preventing these issues is a simple matter for Solida Parging team. All cement based walls deteriorate over time, however a correctly applied parge coat can protect your concrete foundations for many years to come. Experts in parging and coating systems, we aim to achieve perfection on each job.

Parging is also an effective way to protect your basement and property against insects and pests. As an affordable pest control cladding, parging acts as a primary layer that fills every fill and hole. 

Contrary to common belief, concrete walls are vulnerable and require protection against water, snow, ice, dirt and wind. Over time, these walls tend to crumble and fall apart, possibly causing water leaks into the basement and foundation. To prevent such damage and the huge financial liability that comes with it, a parge coat is an affordable and effective system.

Parging consists of adaptable and all-round materials that can be applied on concrete, cement-based, brick and stone, foam and wood walls. Each project requires a different approach and materials, to get the best service, get your free estimate today.


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