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ICF Parging in Calgary

Insulated concrete forms, commonly known as ICF, is a relatively new system getting popular among newly built homes and commercial buildings. Due to its better performance and efficiency in insulation, it provides an additional layer to concrete foundation walls. Though it’s more expensive than a regular foundation, ICF construction solves the common problem of leaky basements with its optimum curing process and will prevent cracks.

Even more so than conventional concrete foundations, ICF requires parge coating to shield it from elements such as ice, wind, dirt and snow. Outer layer of ICF is made of expanded polystyrene insulation foam, therefore it gets damaged easily and ICF parging Calgary can provide much needed protection.

The parging process for this type of basement walls are usually more complex than regular parging and require more layers of coating, labour and fiberglass meshing.

ICF foundation on a Calgary home before the parging application

Due to nature of this foundation system, acrylic finish coating is also recommended as a texture. However, textures such as skip trowel can be easily applied as well.

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Increase the protection of your ICF foundation with parging.

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