Parging Repair
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Parging Replacement and Repair Services in Calgary

While walking around the property, you might notice few cracks in your parging that might seem unimportant. Or even worse, you might overlook a crumbling parging that is falling apart. Over the years, we have noticed that many home owners and commercial building managers alike tend to ignore various parging issues only to find out that it cost them more in the long run. A parging coat envelopes the building’s base and any damage on it should be taken seriously.

Considering Alberta’s vicious weather, snow and ice tend to get into foundation walls and possibly cause leaks. A simple hairline crack on a parge coat slowly turns into deep cracks. A parging is a shield that protects your basement walls against nature’s elements and if it’s breached, don’t count on concrete walls to hold on for long. Concrete chips away and crumble over time, causing damage that could be prevented with a simple parging repair. 

With our professional parging repair services in Calgary, we provide solutions for every parging damage. From foundation have simple cracks or holes that need to be filled to complete parging removal and re-install, we aim to provide affordable and quality solutions that will shield your basement walls for many years to come.

Every parging repair is unique and requires a different approach. Though we offer color & texture match with all our parging repair in Calgary, it might take up to a year for it to blend in completely. 

Badly damaged parging on an old Calgary house is shown in the picture

Many residential houses and commercial buildings in Calgary do not have the proper parge coat. Whether due to bad workmanship or inefficient material quality, many old pargings require various repairs or even complete restoration. No matter what the problem is with your parging, it is a good idea to get a professional opinion on the matter. We offer free, no-obligation estimates in Calgary and will be more than happy to take a look at your problem.

Using the modern coating systems on your parging with quality materials, we make sure that you will be stress free when it comes to protecting your foundation walls for many years to come. 

Increase the protection and appeal of your building with parging.

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