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Expert Repairs of Stucco Damage

Like most interior and exterior walls, stucco cladding can be subjected to various damages that require stucco repairs in Calgary, AB. There are various reasons for such damages such as; physical impact, hail damage or simply improper applications due to poor workmanship. Even if the blight is minor in nature or something that seems insignificant like hairline cracks, it can be disturbing to the property owner due to fact that it’s on the outer wall and visible to all tenants, clients and passersby.

Moreover, any damage on stucco should be taken care of, no matter how small it seems. If left unattended, any damage can turn into a major issue quickly, leading to big financial liabilities and require complete restoration or removal

To avoid such instances and unwanted situations, Solida offers the experience and skill to perform stucco repairs of all kinds efficiently at affordable prices with minimal inconvenience to homeowners and visitors. To get your free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call or email us today.

There are various of reasons why stucco may need some repairs, including;

  • Physical Impact Damage
  • Chipped or damaged corners
  • Deep cracks
  • Stucco crumbling and/or falling apart
  • Separation from sub-layers
  • Water damage
  • Woodpecker damage and nests in stucco
  • Staining and/or smoke damage
Water damaged stucco on a Calgary home

Before – Water damaged stucco on a Calgary home.

Base coat application process for water damaged stucco on a Calgary home

in process – Waterproofed and sealed, stucco repair.

Stucco repair completed for water damaged stucco on a Calgary home

After – Repair completed. Texture and color matched.

What Do We Do

With over 12 years over experience, we at Solida encourage our clients to ask any questions in regards to stucco repairs and we are willing to respond openly and honestly. We would be pleased to discuss any aspects of the job. If you are suffering from stucco damages of any kind, take advantage of our free estimates within the city of Calgary. We also offer 5-year warranty on material and supplies, WCB and general liability information for all projects, whether they are big or small.

We aim to complete any stucco repair seamlessly and will make every effort to minimize or even eliminate any evidence of the repairs and patches. We provide color and texture match for all stucco repair services. Although, depending on the age and condition of the existing stucco, it is possible not being able to match the color perfectly or simply more time (up to a year) might be needed for color matching.

Our stucco repair process include but not limited to;

  • Cutting out a circle or square around damaged area
  • Applying membrane, waterproofing, basecoat, fiberglass mesh and finish coat under proper conditions

California Style Stucco Repair

Portland cement stucco, commonly known as California style stucco, is a three layered cement-based wall cladding system that is durable and resistant. Gaining popularity in 1960s, California stucco reigned until 2000s and lost its popularity to a modern stucco system called EIFS. (Exterior insulation and finish systems)

Like the name suggests, California stucco performs better in warmer climates. Due to lack of proper insulation and water barrier characteristics, this stucco system might cause various issues that require repairs in cold environments such as Calgary. If applied correctly, California stucco is a viable option that provides durability for many decades

Over the years, we have solved many stucco related problems on both residential and commercial properties in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. If your portland cement stucco walls suffer from some degree of damage and in need of professional repair, give us a call at (403) 995 8377 or email us at to schedule an on-site inspection.

Water and Moisture Damaged Stucco Repair

All stucco systems, from EIFS to portland cement stucco provide efficient protection that shields buildings against many hazards and elements. However, due to improper installations, poor workmanship and various damages water can penetrate into stucco and slowly deteriorate the wall structure. 

Water and moisture damages in stucco should be taken seriously and require immediate repair. If left unattended, water can cause damage not only the framing, but also the interior of a building. It is critical to address this issue to prevent a major financial liability.

There are a number of reasons for water damaged stucco walls. A leak from wrongly installed flashing on the roof can cause separation of sub-layers of stucco from the main structure and let the water get in. Additionally, physical impacts can cause holes and cracks, letting moisture in. With nowhere to go, water slowly builds up and cause damage to stucco.

Water damaged stucco on Calgary house

Stucco Blistering and Bubbling

There are few reasons for stucco blistering and bubbling. Firstly, water damage can cause this particular issue. Water and moisture gets behind the stucco and builds up, resulting in stucco finish the soften up and forcing the stucco surface to blister. A wave look and chipped away stucco is seen commonly in this issue.

Secondly, the building might have settled into the ground over the years, pushing the stucco surface out. Usually a large and visible bubble forms on the exterior surface. 

Both these issues require repair services and we would be happy to provide our stucco repair services.

stucco tears example

Spotting Water Damage

It is important to understand what water damaged stucco looks like in initial stages. Color deformation on stucco walls due to wetness is the first sign that you should look for. Commonly known as stucco tears among tradespeople, these indicate that there is moisture and water building up behind the stucco. 

Usually due to improper sealing around windows, doors, and roof flashings, water gets collected inside and slowly deteriorates interior layers of building’s structure. 

If you are suffering from water and moisture damaged stucco in Calgary, let us help you with our expertise in regards to stucco repairs.

EIFS and Acrylic Stucco Repairs

EIFS stands for exterior insulation and finish systems, it is also known as acrylic stucco. It is a multi layered stucco system that can be applied on residential and commercial buildings. Applicable to wooden, concrete and fiberglass surfaces, EIFS is currently the most demanded stucco type in Calgary and Alberta in general due to its supreme insulation and design options.

Like any wall cladding system, EIFS is susceptible to damages. Whether from a physical damage or initially wrong installation, the surface and interior layers might be damaged and in need of repairs.

Unlike the California stucco, the repairs on acrylic stucco requires a different approach. Since this stucco system consists of multiple layers, depending on the damage each layer needs to be re-applied. Additionally, if the damage is too big, it is recommended that the entire wall section should be restored with a basecoat and finish coat to prevent color mismatch. 

We at Solida are proud to serve homeowners, property managers and maintance companies with all EIFS and acrylic stucco repairs. Give us a call to discuss your repair needs.

Woodpecker and Birds Stucco Damage Repairs

Woodpeckers and some bird species such as northern flickers like to peck holes and build their nest through stucco in Calgary, AB. A common problem in woodpecker populated areas, these birds cause major problems for many residential and commercial buildings.

Woodpecker likes to build their nests on dead tress and cannot tell the difference between a stucco wall and a tree. When they peck through the wall and hear a hollow sound, they assume the stucco is no different than a tree and peck holes in stucco. The holes can vary in size and numbers and can be as many as hundreds depending on the size of the building.

The damage caused by these birds can have serious results such as water, molds and pests penetrating into stucco and interior layers of building’s structure, therefore repairs are needed to prevent such issues. Unfortunately, regular applications of stucco -regardless of the system- cannot prevent woodpecker related damages.

Conversely, there are basecoat systems created for this specific issue. ShieldIt from the stucco supplier Dryvit is an extremely durable and strong basecoat that makes it impossible for woodpeckers to peck and make holes into the stucco. Offering the same benefits as regular stucco, this product provides 175x point impact resistance and makes the walls extremely tough. If your home or building is in an area that gets frequent visits from woodpeckers and stucco eating birds, we strongly recommend resurfacing existing stucco walls with ShieldIt.

Stucco Cracks Repair

Even though stucco is a long lasting and low maintenance wall cladding system, there are bound to be some issues in the long run such as cracks forming on exterior stucco surface. There are couple of reasons for cracks to appear; whether from poor workmanship during the initial installation to weather hazards. Additionally, buildings tend to settle in time and pressures stucco into movement, causing cracks.

Hairline cracks in stucco are thin cracks that may seem unimportant at first. However, in a city such as Calgary where the weather cycle goes from warm summers to extremely cold winters, the water gets into these cracks and freezes, resulting in deepening the stucco cracks. If left unattended, these cracks can turn into deep cracks. Deep cracks are already deep and wide cracks that can cause water and related damages in your stucco, resulting in financial liability that you wish to prevent beforehand.

To repair such cracks, you can trust our expertise. Offering color and texture match on stucco repairs, contact us to get your free estimate.

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